K-12 Conflict Education Training Programs

Conflict Resolution Education

CCM is the leader in conflict resolution education training in K-12 contexts. Tricia Jones has been a leader in Conflict Resolution Education since 1985, working in leadership capacities of every national association specializing in CRE (National Association for Mediation in Education, Conflict Resolution Education Network, and Education Section of Association for Conflict Resolution).

Two training initiatives are of special emphasis: The Peer Conflict Coaching in Special Education and the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) program. All K-12 educators can benefit from either or both programs. They are designed to help schools and districts (as well as the students they serve) eliminate problems with unsafe and unsupportive learning environments that decrease students’ academic and social success.

CRETE (Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education)

CRETE provides teachers with skills and knowledge of conflict education and social and emotional learning necessary to help with classroom management and student behavior.

CRETE has been funded since 2004 by funders including: the United States Department of Education, the JAMS Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. View the CRETE website here, generously supported by CRETE Funders.

CRETE consists of a 4-Day training program (as well as follow-up instructional coaching) for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Critical concepts and skills covered in the training include:

    • Understanding Conflict – What Causes It, What To Do About It
    • Conflict Styles – How We Manage Conflict
    • Emotions and Conflict – Handling Anger and Understanding Triggers
    • Positive Discipline and Dealing with Disruptive Students
    • Using Classroom meetings to Establish Classroom Management
    • Bullying Prevention – What Can Teachers Do?
    • Building Collaborative Negotiation Skills Among Your Students
    • Using Peer Mediation to Your Advantage

CRETE website also has online learning modules in all of the key training areas, especially tailored for K-12 contexts. Please visit the learning modules by clicking on the links below.

Peer Conflict Coaching for Special Education

Peer Conflict Coaching for Special Education trains special educators, general educators, parents of special needs children, parent advocates and school/district administrators in conflict management skills and the use of conflict coaching as an early level, preventative process to increase effective collaboration in special education processes and decision-making.

Peer conflict coaching for special education has been supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office for Dispute Resolution. For a general overview of Peer Conflict Coaching, you can listen to a January 2013 webinar sponsored by CADRE, The National Center on Dispute Resolution for Special Education.

Click here for Webinar. Must have flash in order to view webinar.

The two-day peer conflict coaching training helps educators and parents who are having difficulty analyzing conflicts they are experiencing and/or enacting constructive conflict behaviors in those situations. Conflict coaching can help an educator analyze the conflict to more constructively manage it. And, conflict coaching helps break patterns of destructive behavior.

CCM has developed a series of webinars specific to Peer Conflict Coaching in Special Education and videos showing stages of a peer conflict coaching process for parent-parent coaching, teacher-teacher coaching, and administrator-administrator coaching. Please see links to these resources under the Webinars page on this site.

Conflict Coaching Matters

Conflict Coaching Matters

Conflict Coaching Matters

Conflict Coaching Matters

Conflict Coaching Matters

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