CCM Affiliates

Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC is supported by a team of experts in training, instructional design, and video production. The following is a very brief introduction of our team.

Conflict Coaching Matters

Our Affiliates

Jennifer Haeseler-Steiner, Ed. M.

Jennifer Haeseler-Steiner is a trainer, consultant and instructional design expert with a background in Adult and Organizational Development. She is a teleseminar and webinar consultant for CCM and delivers those programs in areas of leadership, interpersonal communication and conflict.

Quaiser Abdullah, Ed. M.

Quaiser Abdullah is a specialist in adult learning and communication technologies. CEO of Stratera Leadership and Coaching Consultation, Quaiser works with CCM to develop and deliver teleseminars/webinars in collaborative leadership, and conflict and communication. Quaiser is an expert in cultural competence and interfaith conflict and leadership. Quaiser is also a certified CRETE trainer.

Nate Terrell, M. A.

Nate Terrell is a therapist, trainer, and CEO and Partner of Organizational GrowthLLC. Nate is a certified CRETE trainer and works with CCM in instructional video development.

Areen Taj, Ed. M.

Areen Taj is an expert in organizational dynamics and has background in healthy care and corporate organizational communication. She works with CCM as a CRETE trainer and in instructional video development.

Jennifer McAdams, Ed. M.

Jennifer McAdams teaches at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) in the areas of conflict resolution education and interpersonal communication. With background in organizational development and conflict she works with CCM in instructional video production.

Kathy Wheeler, M. A.

Kathy Wheeler is a conflict consultant and mediator working in the Philadelphia area. She specializes in cultural conflict intervention, coaching and mediation. Kathy works with CCM in instructional video development and is a CRETE trainer.

Anita Foeman, Ph.D.

Anita Foeman is a Professor of Communication Studies at West Chester University and a Partner in Organizational GrowthLLC, a consulting firm specializing in diversity and communication training for organizations and schools. Anita works with CCM in instructional video development.