What do Participants Think About Conflict Coaching Matters Training?.

Lisa Kass - Mediator, Brooklyn Mediates

"Everything was very helpful and comprehensive. Tricia Jones is an amazing trainer! She is smart, funny, knowledgeable and has great intuition."

Teresa Keeler, Ph.D. – Professor in Conflict Studies Rutgers University

"This training was amazing. The information was presented in an easily digested manner yet was strongly grounded in conflict theory. The days passed too quickly. I want more!"

Kerry Smith, Esq. -- Executive Director, Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Dispute Resolution Harrisburg, PA

"This is an essential workshop for conflict professionals who wish to expand their skill sets. Using a theory-demo-practice format practitioners are given the opportunity to practice conflict coaching with real life examples. The presenters are excellent speakers, content experts, and just nice, friendly people."

Ellen Morfei, MSW -- Social Worker & Manager, Long Island, NY

"The Conflict Coaching training provided by CCM is one of the best trainings I've attended in conflict or any other subject. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable as well as generous and gifted communicators and teachers. A great experience!"

Ellen Matz, D.M. – Physician and Health Care Manager, Philadelphia, PA

"Powerful, practical, insightful and useful! I rarely give straight A's but in this case you can't 'gild a lily'."

Fedaral ADR Specialists

The following testimonies are from Fedaral ADR Specialists that attended the Open Enrollment Training in February 2013.

'The course was everything I hope it would be and more. Thank you both for your generosity, kindness and excellence in sharing your knowledge and experience."

"This was an excellent training. I enjoyed it thoroughly. . . I believe it will equip me well to deal with conflict in my organization."

"The applicable tools, theoretical background and information and model were presented effectively to the point of learning the unexpected. I learned more than I had imagined. The training was an excellent experience. The ability of the trainers to work with the participants and the way they expressed care and respect was amazing. The quality of the training was great!"

"My expectations were mainly that I might perform ADR more intuitively. In fact, I got so much more! This is one of the best trainings I've ever experienced. Thanks for Everything!"

American Red Cross Managers & HR Professionals

The following testimonies are from American Red Cross Managers & HR Professionals that attended training in January 2013

"The central coach training gave me a great insight into how to handle conflicts in a more approachable and direct manner. The knowledge I gained in this class will be used in my work."

"I love you folks! – what a wonderful opportunity and combination of knowledge, skills and experience to share!"

"I attended the five day training. The course far exceeded my expectations. Content was great! I loved the collective knowledge base the trainers brought to the sessions. It was informative, entertaining, intense, exhausting, and I would love to do more."

Executive Coaches, Managers and Mediators

The following testimonies are from Executive Coaches, Managers and Mediators that attended the Open Enrollment Training in January 2012.

"Trish and her teaching colleagues are knowledgeable, organized, focused, funny, and forgiving. What more could you want?"

"This was an amazing experience. The knowledge and experience and insight of Trish and her team made this training worth every single penny. I'll be back for the advanced course!"