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Conflict coaching is training-for-one; a way to better understand conflict and how to effectively manage it. Conflict coaching is a valuable tool for personal and professional conflicts.

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Conflict coaching is our profession and our passion. Our coaches and trainers enjoy developing and applying new ways of succeeding through conflict coaching.

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Effective conflict management IS effective communication. As communication and conflict scholars and practitioners we know how to help you improve both.

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We are dedicated to providing conflict coaching services to individuals and organizations, training all levels of conflict coaches, and integrating coaching with other dispute resolution and human development interventions.

How is conflict coaching valuable to organizations and individuals?

Conflict Coaching is an Essential Part of a Constructive Conflict Culture. Conflict coaching is included in federal agency and private corporations designs of alternative dispute resolution programs that are proven to enhance constructive conflict cultures in the workplace.

Leadership Development requires Conflict Competence. MBA programs, leadership development training, and leadership academies emphasize how critical it is for leaders to manage conflict effectively for themselves and others. Conflict coaching is a growing area of competence that highly promotable leaders are expected to master.

Conflict coaching helps problem employees become productive employees. Conflict coaching can break the "revolving door" of problem employees by building skills and understandings that prevent them from repeating the same destructive patterns.

Serious conflicts can cost organizations serious money and disrupt the organizational and client climate. Effective early intervention in the form of conflict coaching can stop the financial and human hemorrhaging before it happens.

There is no stopping conflict but its downside can be minimized and its upside can be maximized. In a complex service economy where innovation, diversity, teamwork, and speed matter, managing conflict effectively really is a basic business practice.





Why choose Conflict Coaching Matters? We are the Conflict Experts!

Tricia S. Jones, CEO of Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC literally wrote the book on Conflict Coaching. Tricia is a recognized leader in the field of conflict management. She has synthesized conflict management research and theory into a practical step-by-step conflict coaching process in the best selling "Conflict Coaching: Conflict Management Strategies and Skills for the Individual" (Sage 2008). 

Thousands of copies have been sold, helping people in a variety of contexts work their way through conflicts. Conflict Coaching is the best selling book in the field of conflict coaching.

Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC has decades of experience serving government, higher education, and private sector organizations. Our client list proves it. Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC has helped federal and state agencies, universities and colleges, professional associations, and private corporations develop and use conflict coaching in their organizations. CCM also provides conflict management training, collaborative leadership training and dispute system design.

Customized training and coaching tailored for your needs. We customize our coaching and training to your unique character, competencies, and context. We give you powerful perspectives to consider when it comes to understanding your situation and taking action with others in the future.

Conflict Coaching provides tremendous value. Dealing with destructive conflict early on or, better yet, proactively seizing conflict's positive potential can mean thousands of dollars or more to your bottom line.

Working with us is easy. Part of the appeal of conflict coaching is the efficiency with which it can be scheduled. In addition, clients love the individual focus. All of our services - coaching, training, and consulting - are straightforward and results-focused.

Client Testimonials

Everything was very helpful and comprehensive. Tricia Jones is an amazing trainer! She is smart, funny, knowledgeable and has great intuition

Lisa Kass - Mediator, Brooklyn Mediates

This training was amazing. The information was presented in an easily digested manner yet was strongly grounded in conflict theory. The days passed too quickly. I want more!

Teresa Keeler, Ph.D. - Professor in Conflict Studies, Rutgers University

This is an essential workshop for conflict professionals who wish to expand their skill sets. Using a theory-demo-practice format practitioners are given the opportunity to practice conflict coaching with real life examples. The presenters are excellent speakers, content experts, and just nice, friendly people.

Kerry Smith, Esq. - Executive Director, Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Dispute Resolution Harrisburg, PA

The Conflict Coaching training provided by CCM is one of the best trainings I've attended in conflict or any other subject. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable as well as generous and gifted communicators and teachers. A great experience!

Ellen Morfei, MSW - Social Worker & Manager, Long Island, NY

Powerful, practical, insightful and useful! I rarely give straight A's but in this case you can't 'gild a lily'."

Ellen Matz, D.M. – Physician and Health Care Manager, Philadelphia, PA

A brief overview of our service offerings:

Our expert roster of CCM Certified Conflict Coaches can provide you with the highest quality conflict coaching services. Our coaches specialize in a variety of conflict contexts including government, private sector workplace, AA/EEO, higher education, special education, family, community, K-12 education and systems. We can provide coaching in person, via phone, Go To Meeting, or Skype.
CCM provides Basic Conflict Coaching Training and a series of Advanced Conflict Coaching Trainings in conventional and online, interactive formats.
As conflict experts, CCM principals provide a variety of organizational communication and conflict management training to help develop constructive conflict cultures, address persistent group conflict issues, and enhance leadership development in your organization.
We specialize in working with you to design more effect alternative dispute resolution systems for your organization – and of course, integrating conflict coaching components into the optimal dispute system design.

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